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Links to Other Free Bondage Sites!

Here are some links to other high quality FREE sites that I often visit. Also, a note is deserved here, I guess...

Most of the pictures I have on my site have at one time or another been featured on some of these sites. However, I do NOT see this as plagarism, as I have kept any tags these sites have put on the pictures, so you know where they came from and where credit is to be given. However, if anyone seems to have a problem with me posting a certain picture, just let me know and I will take it off if it's SUCH a big deal...


SO.. without further adieu, here are the links! ....

Bedroom Bondage.. Home of Lorelei Imboch. This is her own site and it is VERY well done, I must say! There is a lot of free content and a members area as well. She also has a LOT of Bondage "How To's" and personal experiences, so it is a GREAT resource for beginners, or if you just want to broaden your knowledge! (I even learned some new ties and knots! hehe!)

Bound CoEds is another good site. It has a large members section, but also has a small free section with 4 new pics updated every week! Definately better than most site's static free sections! Go check them out!

Decent site. He sells bondage and foot fetish movies mostly, but he has a nice collection of free pictures based on the movies as well as some sample clips!

A GREAT site if you are looking for that gag or set of handcuffs for that SpEcIaL someone! ...

Another GREAT site with TONS of content! He also organizes his site into categories so you can go DIRECTLY to what you want to see. My favourite is hogties, personally...

HEY! Talon has got a NEW banner as well! Check it out, It's very nice... : )

The Wolff's Den.. Home of Wolffie Scans! Used to be a GREAT free site, but it has been down for a LONG time now. If Wolffie sees this, PLEASE BRING YOUR SITE BACK! It Rocked!

And, of course, here is the link to THIS site! If you want to link to my site on your page, just right click on my banner to download it and put it on your site. PLEASE do NOT link to my banner as it will slow down my site! I kinda like the banner though, don't you? : )


If YOU have a site that you would like to list here, simply E-Mail me a letter with a copy of your banner you would like to see here along with your site's web URL and a short description (optional). If you would like your own description listed here, send me one, or else I'll visit it myself and rank it like I did for the other ones above. A few "Rules" however on links...

1) No links to PAY ONLY sites.
2) If you DO run a pay site, there must be a FREE AREA with pictures on it
    COMPERABLE to those found on the pay site.
3) No ADULT CHECK (AVS) sites will be allowed. It has to be a TRULY
    free site with no bull or run-around!
4) No torture, S/M, or other sites which demean either women OR men or
   display rape scenes or other harmful or degrading acts will be allowed under     ANY circumstances!!! That is NOT what this site is about nor condones!!!

If you can meet these requirements, I'll GLADLY list you here! :)
Send your e-mails to: to list your webpage here!

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