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Thank You for visiting Bondage World! We appreciate you supporting free bondage sites, like this one. It seems like free sites are few and far between nowadays. If it wasn't for your support, we wouldn't be here. So, while we continue to offer you the best in free bondage content, feel free to send us any pictures you'd like to see here. We are CONSTANTLY seeking new bondage pictures to post here to keep our content fresh and new. Without your help, we cannot be the best free bondage site out there! So, send us your pics and we'll post them here! And thanks again for stopping by! We hope you enjoy the site!



[June 10, 2001]     Welcome to yet another update! This is no ordinary update tho! This is a special one! Just go to the galleries to find out why. I have also updated BOTH the bondage gallery as well as the nude gallery. Hope you enjoy all the pics this week!    -Enjoy!

[May 28, 2001]     Sorry again for the late update! I just finished up classes for spring and before that, I was quite busy trying to pass all my classes. In any event, enjoy the pictures. I hope to keep on top of updating over summer as much as possible, but we'll see.    -Enjoy!

[May 05, 2001]     Bondage Galleries have been updated! Check it out. Still no offers on server space for movies. Oh well. I also have not gotten a chance to update the nude pics this update, but keep a watch out as I may update them soon. I've also started archiving posts starting this week, so check in the archives section if you think you missed a post. That's all for now!    -Enjoy!

[April 19, 2001]     WE'RE BACK!
After a long hiatus, we are back in business! We took the time off to redesign the site and clean things up a little. Plus, we needed some extra time to find new pics. While we did find some new pics, we still could use more content. So, if you have any pics you'd like to see here, please send them to us!
Since we have totally redesigned the site, we changed quite a bit around here. Because of this, many of the old pages had to be completely redone. So, in order to keep our work load to a minimum, we decided to scrap the old pages entirely and start from scratch again. Because of this, the archive pages will NOT contain the old pics from the old site, so you can no longer find old Bondage World pics there. We will, however, continue to offer old posts in the archive section in case you miss a post. Also, since we still do not have server space for them yet, there will still be no movies posted. If someone would like to donate some space, we could start to post some movies.
So, without further ado, check out the new pics!


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